BOULDER CITY, Nev.– Based on high levels of fecal bacteria in Arizona Hot Springs, the 

following park areas and facilities are closed, effective immediately, until further notice: Arizona 

Hot Springs Trail, Arizona Hot Springs, and the White Rock Canyon parking lot on Highway 93.   

Officials are taking corrective action to improve water quality over the next several days. They 

will reopen these areas once water quality meets federal and state safety standards. 

To ensure the safety of all guests, park staff routinely monitor water quality in and around Lake 

Mead National Recreation Area.  

This a reminder to the public to follow leave-no-trace principles, which include packing out trash 

and human waste (feces).  

For closures and other activities, please visit our website: 

Alerts & Conditions – Lake Mead National Recreation Area (U.S. National Park Service) (