LAKE HAVASU CITY – Lake Havasu City is conducting a citizen survey to ask residents for their ideas and opinions about the city.  The results of the survey will help the city identify what they are doing well and where they need to improve, in order to meet the needs of citizens. 

8,000 households will receive invitations in the mail, starting the week of November 20, asking them to participate in the survey. The survey includes questions about quality of life in the community, local policies, demographics, and resident satisfaction with city services.

“We greatly appreciate our residents who take time out of their busy schedules to complete this survey, so we can better serve our community,” said City Manager Jess Knudson.  “The results will evaluate our past progress and help us develop a plan for the future of our City.”

The City contracted with National Research Center, Inc. to administer the survey.  For more information, please contact Anthony Kozlowski, Assistant to the City Manager, at 928-854-4278.