Kids on Colorado River Founders Michael Peters and Dan Delasantos receiving proclamation last November from Mayor Sheehy and local supporters at Arizona State Park. From left to right, Michael Peters, Andrea Halert President &CEO of LH Chamber of Commerce, Dan Roddy State Parks Manager, Mayor Cal Sheehy, Dan Delasantos Program Director, Gordon Hall Treasurer of Kids on Colorado River. Photo courtesy Mike Peters 

LAKE HAVASU CITY – If by chance you were born in Lake Havasu within the past 30 years, you might be one that doesn’t remember summer vacations spent at the lake. Furthermore, how well does the next generation know the lake? When two residents investigated the situation, their findings came as quite a shock.  

They surveyed natives of Lake Havasu and were astonished to discover that the once popular recreational activity had become a thing of the past. They’ve created a local nonprofit with plans to change all of this with their Kids on the Colorado Incorporated organization.

It was in the year 2021, when local radio host Dan Delasantos and construction company owner Michael Peters partnered up to form an organization to educate the youths of Lake Havasu and the Colorado River.  

Together, they teamed up with Lake Havasu Unified School District and Arizona State Parks Manager Dan Roddy. Both were instrumental in the developments for their many educational programs. Other local businesses and clubs grew an interest in their goals as well, like Thunderbolt Middle School and the K12 Foundation. K12 assisted the nonprofit in obtaining their 501c credential. 

How is all of this knowledge about Havasu’s lake and Colorado River supposed to be learned?  

The Kids on the Colorado are staunch believers that you have to experience the lake for yourself to understand it. By 2022, their first event made its debut, and the curiosity amongst the community grew as four hundred and fifty students attended the informative occasion at Arizona State Park. 

In the following year, Kids on the Colorado received a proclamation from Mayor Sheehy at their boating safety and ecology event for seventh graders. 

This event provided safety instruction like CPR and first aid training.  Kids on the Colorado River Incorporated, will be hosting many events this year to carry out their mission to educate Lake Havasu on an array of Colorado River subjects. 

What’s in store for Kids on the Colorado? With Windsor Beach as their classroom, they are striving to have all Lake Havasu schools involved in their programs, but the organization wants parents to benefit from their resources as well.  

According to their Program Director Delasantos, “There will be a family day event that we will be putting together so that the community can grow from within.” Kids on the Colorado River believes in developing  community stewardship, water safety, and education. 

Phaedra Veronique