Kingman Girl Scouts ride on a flatbed to honor veterans. They have participated in the Veterans Day Parade for 15 years and many of their members have gone on to join the military. Photo by Becky Foster

KINGMAN – In spite of downtown road construction, crowds of people lined the streets along the shortened route for the annual Veterans Day Parade in downtown Kingman on Saturday, November 11.

With 38 entries, there was something for everyone, including restored military and other antique vehicles, political candidates, first responders, Girl Scouts, 4H, Mohave County Sheriff, Mohave County Search and Rescue and Volunteer Posse and, of course, plenty of candy being thrown to the crowd.

A proud U.S. Army Veteran marches with a U.S. Army Flag. Photo by Becky Foster.

Parade Organizer, Maggie Stanley, President of KAVA (Kingman Areas Veterans Association) stated she is very proud of how the parade turned out and the number of people who came to see the parade.

This is the first year for KAVA being in charge of the annual event.  Stanley is a U.S. Army veteran and KAVA Vice-President, Amber Koehler, is an Air Force Veteran.

The Corvette Club lining up in formation in the staging area for the Veterans Day Parade.  Photo by Becky Foster

“I am just so honored to have the team that I have and the volunteers that I have,” stated Stanley.  “The volunteers and everybody just put so much time into this so that we could honor our veterans.”  Stanley added that her father was a World War II Veteran and it is part of the circle of life and paying it forward.

The parade had Co-Grand Marshals, 88-year-old Navy Veteran, Robert Ritz and Sergeant Major Wesley Maroney with Janet De Nublio, widow of Marine Veteran, Paul De Nublio who served in Korea and Vietnam. De Nublio passed away about a month ago.

Retired Army and Vietnam Veteran, James McGeachy, drives his vintage 1942 Dodge ? ton WC51 (weapons carrier) which also carried up to 10 personnel. McGeachy frequently drives the vehicle in parades and displays it at various gatherings for the public to view.  Photo by Becky Foster

Girl Scout Leader, Catherine Normoyle, stated the Girl Scouts have participated in the annual Veterans Day parade for 15 years, the same number of years she has been a leader.

“It is just a small way that we show gratitude toward our veterans and thanking them for their service to us,” explained Normoyle.  “We teach about our U.S. Constitution and our freedoms …as well as our Girl Scout law. “ 

Colorful Daughters of the American Revolution float. Photo by Becky Foster

She added that many of the older girls have gone on to join the military based on the core values taught in Girl Scouts.

Becky Foster

U.S. Army Vet, James McGeachy (left) along with U.S. Marine Vets Brian Huckerson (middle) and Neal Huckerson chatting while waiting to get in their formation for the parade. Photo by Becky Foster
Street view of part of the crowd that came to watch the parade. Due to the sun’s position, watching required some squinting from that side of the street next to the announcer.  Photo by Becky Foster.