LAKE HAVASU CITY – It’s always a shock to the system that a new year is beginning, but what about those shivering chills that could go along with it? The 51st Annual Polar Bear Day is back.  

The Havasu Boat and Ski Club will be hosting the annual Lake Havasu Polar Bear Day. Participants will be taking the big plunge to experience the chilly waters! 

Last year there were more than 100 participants with water temperatures being only fifty seven degrees. Who knows what kind of freezing temperatures will be in store for next year’s participants? 

After their brave plunges, swimmers will earn a Polar Bear Patch and will be able to warm themselves with provided heaters and a large pot of soup to ease the shivers. Those not so courageous about bathing in the coldness can earn a chicken patch for dipping just an arm or toe in the water. 

There is a $5 fee for all participants and wetsuits are not allowed. The event is free to spectators.  

Polar Bear Day will be on Saturday, Jan. 6, 2024.  Scheduled group times are noon and 1 p.m. at London Bridge Beach on the island side of the channel. 

Are you ready to start your new Polar Bear tradition? You can find out how to participate by contacting event organizer Bethany Hardin at 928-486-0106. 

Phaedra Veronique

Kingman hosts 23rd Annual Polar Bear Plunge

KINGMAN – The Polar Dip is now 23 years old and counting with participation increasing each year. This annual event has blossomed into a widely attended event to bring in the New Year! The “Dip” is open to anyone interested in starting off their new year in a “chilling” way by braving the near-freezing waters of Centennial Pool. The event is free for everyone but recommend you be in good health to participate. Warm showers, hot coco, popcorn, and prizes await all participants. Spectators get to enjoy the view and cheer on the brave souls. The event will take place at exactly Noon on New Year’s Day, not a minute before or after the hour!

The Dip is usually over within minutes so don’t be late!

Note: The brisk water temperatures may not be suitable for everyone. If you have a heart condition or history of heart related problems, the Polar Bear Dip may not be the activity for you to participate in. If unsure that the shock of cold water may be harmful to your health, you should consult your physician prior to participating. All plungers do so at their own risk.

For more information call the Kingman Parks and Recreation Dept. at 928.757.7919 or visit