LAKE HAVASU CITY – Celebrate National Wildlife Week with the Bill Williams River and Havasu National Wildlife Refuges.  The Bill Williams River National Wildlife Refuge is a U.S. fish and wildlife service. 

It’s the only organization in the federal government whose main priority is to conserve plants, wildlife, and fish for America. They provide diverse opportunities to explore nature and the history of the amazing outdoors.  

The work of Bill Williams River is to continuously preserve our natural resources and provide healthier environments in communities.  Through conserving our flood control and clean water, The Bill Williams River National Wildlife Refuge strengthens the economy. 

Currently, the refuge has one of the last stands of essential reproduced cottonwood-willow forest just along the lower Colorado river.  It is also one of the last eco-friendly operating river habitats located in the southwest part of the United States.  

By 1993, 6,100 acres of the Havasu Lake National Wildlife Refuge was assigned as Bill Williams National Wildlife Refuge.  A name that was chosen because of its rare characteristics and variety of habitat. 

This month, you can join the group on their Walk for the Wild hike in honor of National Wildlife Week.  The organization will partner up with Rio Reimagined Urban Program.  The refuge wants to encourage the community to walk with nature. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean just walking, as kayaking and bicycling are also encouraged.  The walk is also intended to raise money that will enable a path to educating the public about recreation and the environment.  

The group will host a 5k (3.1 miles) which will be a guided hike.  Afterwards, you can discover your own path for the remaining of the morning.  

Paddleboards and kayaks will be available.  You are also allowed to bring your own equipment. 

Walk for the Wild began on Sunday, October 8 and runs through Saturday, October 14 from 9 a.m. to noon.  

Everyone will be meeting at BWR National Wildlife Refuge, 60911 Highway #99 161, in Parker.  The walk is free, however donations which are tax deductible are appreciated. 

You can register visiting and by visiting (1) Facebook/billwilliamsriverhavasufriends, or by calling JoAnn Fischetti at 928-854-7436.

Phaedra Veronique