Mullen-Lamb receives 40-year pin

Pat Mullen-Lamb receives her 40-year pin from Hon. Lee Jantzen, Mohave County Superior Court Judge. Photo by Becky Foster

KINGMAN – On Wednesday January 17, the local Fraternal Order of Police (FOP)  Mohave Lodge #16 held an installation and awards dinner at the Hualapai Mountain Resort. Newly elected officers were recognized with pins for the office held.  Additionally, two officers received longevity pins.

Pat Mullen-Lamb, who is a Lifetime Member of the Lodge, received her 40-year pin. She has served continuously for 44 years and 10 months, just short of 45 years and holds the record of being the longest serving officer in the Lodge.  She graduated from ALETA (Arizona Law Enforcement Training Academy) in March, 1979 and joined the Lodge that same month.

“It was extremely difficult to be a female police officer in the 70’s and 80’s,” remarked Mullen-Lamb. “Once you proved yourself, you could handle anything in a man’s world. At ALETA we lost many men, but all 3 women graduated in the top ten.”

Mullen-Lamb, who served with distinction in a variety of positions in law enforcement in Mohave County, was honored as a Woman Making History in 1994 and as well received two Andy awards, one for Volunteerism and the other for Lifetime Achievement. She serves as State Trustee for the Lodge which is a liaison between the local lodge and the state lodge.

Hon. Lee Jantzen, Mohave County Superior Court Judge (far right) swears in the new officers. L-R, Pat Mullen-Lamb, State Trustee, Wes Maroney, Secretary, John Slaughter, President and Hank Rogers, Treasurer

“I am shy two months for a total of 45 years consecutively,” she explained. “On paper to get my pin (for 45 years), it has to be exact.”

Mullen Lamb said her experience in police work was like no other occupation and the decade she spent as a CSI (crime scene investigator) was the most fulfilling for her.

“It became like artwork; lifting fingerprints and my photos could make or break a case,” she stated. “It was not so much Hollywood as it was tedious work at times. I wish I had a penny for all the double shifts, weekends and holidays I worked.

“Sometimes officers would come in an hour before court wanting a dozen 8×10’s… stress, stress stress…you have to do what you have to do to make things right.”

The newly elected officers for 2024 pose in front of the new banner.  L-R, Hank Rogers, Treasurer, John Slaughter, President, Wes Maroney, Secretary and Pat Mullen-Lamb, State Trustee with Hon. Lee Jantzen, Mohave County Superior Court Judge.

Doug Ohlemann received a 15-year longevity pin; John Slaughter received a president pin; Wes Maroney received a secretary pin; Ray Cullison, Sr.  received a past president pin; and Hank Rogers received a treasurer pin. 

Maroney presented a plaque to the group that was received by the Lodge for its support of and dedication to the Youth Soccer League in 2023.

Slaughter advised that in addition to soccer, they will be sponsoring a Little League team this year.  He said that Todd Davison, Vice-President of the Lodge, is a coach for Little League.

The FOP includes all law enforcement such as Park Police, the Police and Sheriff’s Departments, Constables and Bureau of Land Management Rangers according to Slaughter.

Wes and Rose Maroney show the plaque presented to the Lodge in appreciation for its support and dedication to the Youth Soccer League 2023.         

“We donated the monument to fallen officers (located at the entrance to the Mohave County Sheriff’s Department),” said Slaughter.  He added that there are three canine officers that died in the line of duty which are listed on the monument.

Becky Foster