Angel Delgadillo

A prominent northern Arizonan was among the recipients when the 2023 National Preservation Awards were presented earlier this month in Washington, D.C. Angel Delgadillo and other individuals, organizations and projects were honored for demonstrating excellence in the field of preservation. 

This year’s list is exceptional, featuring citizen attempts to save and maintain important landmarks; companies and craftsmen whose work restores the richness of the past; the vision of public officials who support preservation projects and legislation in their communities; and educators and journalists who help Americans understand the value of preservation.

The President’s Award

Seligman resident Angel Delgadillo was presented the President’s Award for National Leadership in Historic Preservation that recognizes an individual or organization that has demonstrated exceptional contributions to the field of preservation.

The award, which is selected at the discretion of the President of the National Trust, has been given three times prior to this year: in 2015 to the Greenwich Post Office project, in 2016 to Judge Ed Emmett for his work related to the Astrodome, and in 2019 to NASA for their restoration of Johnson Space Center Apollo Mission Control Room.

Angel Delgadillo

Delgadillo grew up on Route 66, where he opened a barbershop and souvenir shop. When the Interstate was opened in 1985, Delgadillo experienced firsthand the devastating impact of the decommissioning of Route 66 as a U.S. highway. After several years of laying the groundwork, Delgadillo’s tenacious advocacy and community engagement played a pivotal role in the preservation and celebration of historic Route 66.