KINGMAN  – Mohave County has taken its share of criticism since assuming operation of the Mohave County Fairgrounds at the start of 2022. One man, however, offered heaps of praise during the Oct. 2 Board of Supervisors meeting.

Mohave County Gemstoners board member Gary Bolles told supervisors the club had struggled to find a suitable venue before holding its annual Rock, Gem and Mineral show at the Fairgrounds in Kingman last May.

“Everything turned out great. I am very happy with the way you guys turned the Fairgrounds around and we plan on using it more and more,” Bolles said. “The Fairgrounds offers so much extra opportunity for our show to present to our vendors and grow in the future.”

Bolles said vendors attending the spring show were very happy with the facilities and grounds. They’ve already booked the Fairgrounds for their 2024 show next May.

Bolles specifically recognized County Park Superintendent/Fairgrounds Manager Ryan Fruhwirth, and he complimented county staff for being friendly, professional and knowledgeable.

“It was once said that the Hualapai Mountain Park was the crown jewel of the (county) park system. I think the Fairgrounds is actually the diamond in the rough,” Bolles told supervisors. “I hope you folks continue doing what you’re doing with that and growing it.”

Fruhwirth said staff intends to detail improvements and provide other Fairgrounds information at a Board of Supervisors meeting in the near future.