MOHAVE COUNTY –The NBC KPNX-12 and its sub-channels has been moved to another transmitter.   If customers do not or no longer receive CBS KPHO-5 and/or NBC KPNX-12, then, all TV customers in the Bullhead River areas using UHF type of antennas receiving from the Oatman Mountain site will need to re-scan their digital TV channels to re-acquire both CBS and NBC. 

NOTE: This does not apply to those TV customers who utilize the “VHF” Katherine Landing TV transmitter site near the Davis Dam.   Once the scanning is completed most newer models of television will receive the normal virtual channels number.  However, some older models of digital TV’s may not respond in the same manner and may see the following channel labels (example) on their TV as follows:


CBS        KPHO 5.1 HD     21-1

Cozi       KPHO 5.2        21-2

DABL       KPHO 5.3        21-3

NBC        KPNX 12.1 HD    21-3

Crime      KPNX 12.3       21.5

Quest      KPNX 12.4       21.6

Twist      KPNX 12.5       21-7