Pickleball players engaged in exhibition play at the Fairgrounds earlier this month. Courtesy of Mohave County.

KINGMAN – Mohave County is contemplating using its fairgrounds facilities in Kingman for recreation. The Board of Supervisors takes up a staff recommendation to resurface the floor of the Exposition Center to accommodate pickleball play at the meeting on Monday, April 1.
Backup material notes the surge in popularity of the sport across America, pickleball play demand exceeding capacity in Kingman and the under-utilization of the Exposition Center building at the Mohave County Fairgrounds complex.
“The Exposition Center at the Mohave County Fairgrounds has undergone recent interior improvements, and it is well positioned to serve dual purpose in providing indoor, climate controlled pickleball courts for play on non-exposition days while still functioning as an exposition and special event venue on demand,” staff communication to the Board said. “This item establishes a parks’ initiative to resurface Exposition Center floors for pickleball courts that will operate under fee-based use as per the adopted parks and fairgrounds program fee schedule.”
Input to the board notes the City of Kingman’s four outdoor courts are sometimes taxed by demand from the general community and a 120-member pickleball club. Inclement weather is cited as another reason for establishing indoor facilities, as there is no established space for indoor play in Kingman.
Supervisor Buster Johnson said he has nothing against pickleball but expressed reservation about the proposal and whether it is in the best interest of county operation of the fairgrounds. The board meeting at the County Administration building, 700 W Beale, at 9:30 a.m.
Dave Hawkins