Left to right are Isac Urias from Mohave High School; Ligia Chang from BBB.

Better Business Bureau Serving Pacific Southwest (BBB) in partnership with Arizona Interscholastic Association (AIA), names Isac Urias from Mohave High School in Bullhead City, AZ as a BBB Ethical Athlete scholarship recipient.

Isac’s punctual attendance in preseason workouts, practices and games for football and wrestling, shows his commitment to the sports. He is independent and carries a smile on his face with a “whatever it takes” attitude.

Characterized as a “fierce competitor and loyal friend”, his nominator shares that he “continues to work hard despite little to no support in his home life.”

“Isac showed compassion, great morals and ethics when a head referee was knocked to the ground in a football game. Instead of running back to the sidelines like all of the other players, he ran over to the official and put his arm around him to make sure he was ok. This act showed the dignity and respect that Issac had for the referee even though fans in the stands were making profanity and derogatory remarks aimed at officials,” shared Amanda Amann.

Through community and self-nominations, high school students are evaluated by a panel of judges for their ability to uphold integrity in the face of ethical and personal challenges when playing a sport on and off the court. The program honors these behaviors and their positive

influence on others.