LAKE HAVASU CITY – Arizona State University celebrated the accomplishments of some December graduates at their Senior Capstone Symposium event last Friday. A capstone class is a course that combines experiences with academics of students in an educational program. It is most commonly referred to as a final year project for seniors. Four seniors were chosen to demonstrate knowledge learned in their chosen fields.  

The four majors showcased at the event were communications, organizational leadership, and psychology.  The symposium began with communications major Cassie Hull. Hull’s topic of The Exclusionary Nature or QR Codes addressed how the digital world can exclude individuals who do not have access to this technology.  

Prevention of this could be age or the socio economic disadvantaged. Another communications major Maskim Salnikov, discussed Product Placement and Its Effect on Video Game Success. In Salmikov’s presentation, he explored why placements with products have had an advantage with marketing in the video game industry and brand awareness. 

The event then changed gears from technology fields with organizational leadership manager Kayla Kracht. Kracht shared her abroad studies in Rome, Italy. Kracht shared how the experience will always be a memorable one and showed photographs of historical sights and daily activities.  Kracht hopes to inspire future students to study abroad as she felt the experience enhanced her appreciation for a different culture.

The symposium concluded with psychology major Ryo Ishigaki’s presentation, Impacts of Anthropomorphic Plastic Bottle Designs on Consumers’ Recycling Intentions. The topic covered the 148 undergraduates chosen to complete assignments from the following topics;  perceptual anthropomorphism, conceptual anthropomorphism, perceptual and conceptual anthropomorphism, and control. The topic primarily focused on recycling intentions and many other topics..

The Senior Capstone Symposium took place on Friday, December 1 in the Santiago room located at ASU Lake Havasu’s campus.

A capstone symposium is an effective opportunity for students to share the skills they’ve obtained and how they can be applied to a variety of everyday scenarios such as higher education or employment. To learn about ASU classes and their community events visit OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF LAKE HAVASU CITY (

Phaedra Veronique