KINGMAN – Substantial progress is reported as a consultant conducts the Dross Site Remediation clean-up of a 15-acre site at the Kingman Airport. The smelting of 5,700 aircraft and burial of the aluminum waste product decades ago has resulted in a churning underground soup bubbling up and resulting in uneven surface.

Project manager Pejman Eshraghi, an engineer with city consultant Haley & Aldrich, told the Airport and Industrial Park Advisory Commission at their Nov. 20 meeting that 75,000 tons of material will be hauled away from the Dross site. Much has been accomplished since the digging began in Aug.

“55% of the waste has been excavated and of that 40% has been transported already,” Eshraghi told commission members. “So far, 1,455 end-dump truck loads have left the site and 291 rail cars have left the site to the landfill.”

Eshragi said about seven end-dump loads fill one train gondola bound for disposal at a landfill in Oklahoma. He said the city council directed train transport to avoid hauling hundreds of truckloads of the material through the city.

Airport Manager Doug Breckenridge said the waste product is “double-bagged” before its loaded for rail delivery.

Commissioner Paul Gaines said he is intrigued by all the heavy equipment work.

“I must say it’s been very impressive to watch the whole project. It’s disruptive to the businesses, including mine, but we don’t mind at all because it’s getting done,” Gaines said. “If you blink or turn away for half a day something really changes, a very large hole occurs or a big pile of something has happened. It’s just interesting to watch.”

Chairman David Amspoker agreed, having experienced the rumble of soil compacting equipment on-site.

“You can feel the vibration when it’s 30 yards away,” Amspoker said. “It’s doing a really good job of compacting that top base. I was quite honestly very impressed.”

Eshroghi told Commissioners the federal government funded $52-million project is on time and tracking toward completion in Oct., 2024.