LAKE HAVASU CITY – According to the Wall Street Journal (Aug. 23, 2023), 61 percent of U.S. companies allow employees to work remotely part or all of the week, up from 51 percent at the beginning of the year,

Although Lake Havasu City is a popular outdoor recreation destination, located on the shores of the Colorado River in northwest Arizona, local businesses also offer an array of options for vacationers who bring their laptops along with their bathing suits and flip-flops.

Nomadic is the city’s first large-scale co-working space. The modern 9,051 sq. ft. facility at 2119 McCulloch Blvd N. is the new go-to space for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and remote workers in need of high-tech office amenities.

The $20 workday pass offers access to the sleek and modern Nomadic office space, including the use of any open desk, free Wi-Fi, access to a shared kitchen, printers, wall-sized whiteboards and custom soundproof phone booths. 

There are other local options to catch up on emails while the family plays in the lake or the hotel pool. Grapes and Grains wine bar, Wild Coffee, the Mohave County Library, Starbucks, Streetside Coffee, Hav-a-Cup and the Red Onion are just a few locations that offer free Wi-Fi to customers and are remote-worker friendly.

For “workcationers” who prefer working outdoors, free Wi-Fi also covers all of London Bridge Beach Park and most of the channel south of the London Bridge.     

For a helpful list of the 10 best locations for free Wi-Fi in town, view Yelp: