SueAnn Mello

As your Mohave County Treasurer, I am excited to bring you news from my office: news about the Board of Supervisors Tax Deed Sale auctions, investments, and other news I am sure you will find very interesting.

Board of Supervisors Tax Deed Sale auctions, 2019 – 2023:

* 6,861 parcels sold at auction and returned to the tax roll.

* $6.7M in revenue generated for Mohave County.

* $1.8M in redemption payments received to bring accounts to “current” status.

Board of Supervisors Tax Deed Sale auction, 2023:

* 788 parcels were sent to auction.

* 689 parcels (87%) were sold.

* $1.1M in revenue received.


* My office takes a conservative approach to investing County funds.

* Examples of asset allocations include investments held in AZ State Local Government Investment Pools (LGIP) and United States Treasury securities which are backed by the full faith and credit of the United States government.

* For fiscal-year 2023, pooled funds for school districts, fire districts, special districts, and County funds received $9.6M in investment interest! This is the largest amount of interest received by the County’s pooled funds in any fiscal year!

One-Page Tax Statements:

* For 2024, tax statements will be one-page with additional data and transparency.

* One-page statements save our taxpayers up to 30% on postage and paper costs (and saves trees).


* By working directly with our credit card vendor, Point & Pay, I have reduced the cost of E-Checks by 50%! Those savings go directly to our customers using this vendor to create E-Checks to pay their property taxes.

In the coming months I will be working with our state legislators to pass common-sense legislation that supports you, the taxpayer, and meets the needs of local government. I look forward to serving you, the residents of Mohave County, for many years to come.

Reminder: Watch your mail/e-mail for your 2023 tax statement coming to you mid-September.

May God bless Mohave County!

SueAnn Mello

Mohave County Treasurer