KINGMAN – The first of three Interstate 40 Traffic Interchange (TI) projects proposed in Kingman should be under construction next spring. The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) intends to begin advertising this month for bids for phase one construction of the West Kingman TI at Beale St.

The goal of the infrastructure upgrade is to provide free flowing connection for I-40 and US 93 motorists without having to stop at intersection ramps. The improvements should also accommodate increased traffic volume, reduce congestion and avoid backups that occur more frequently during busy travel periods.

“The project will be constructed in two phases, with the Phoenix to Las Vegas directional ramps constructed first,” according to ADOT.

ADOT expects award of contract for the first phase of the project estimated at $160-million will occur at the Feb. 23, 2024 meeting of the State Transportation Board, leading to a two-year building campaign to be completed in 2026.

“Phase II will construct the directional ramps between Las Vegas and California, when traffic demands warrant the improvements are needed, and when available funding can be programmed,” ADOT said.

The other two Kingman I-40 TI projects are tracking behind the West Kingman.

Engineer Phillip Allred told Kingman City Council members Tuesday that ADOT officials are reviewing design plans submitted for both the Kingman Crossing and Rancho Santa Fe TI’s. He said Kingman Crossing project representatives are working to resolve initial comments following a meeting with ADOT officials last week.

The Rancho Santa Fe TI is apparently slightly behind the Kingman Crossing as Allred indicated that ADOT has not yet provided initial comments on the design submission.