The Mohave County Assessor’s office is ready for 2024!

It is that time of year to remind you of the great programs that we offer at the Assessor’s office.

Exemption Programs:  Widow/Widowers, 100% Disabled and the new Disabled Veterans. Please visit our office or call for information about these popular programs. There are specific qualifications required to be accepted into the program. For example, the qualifying income may not exceed $37,297 per household or $44,745 per household with minor children. There is a property valuation assessment limit of $30,099 (FCV $300,990). Apply today to see if you qualify, it could amount to a considerable discount on your taxes.  Don’t miss the 2024 application window, ending February 29th. 

Senior Valuation Protection: Our Senior Property Valuation Protection Program (Senior Freeze). This program freezes your values (it does not freeze your taxes) so the value remains the same in the future. Qualifications include age; at least one of the home owners must be 65 years of age at the time the application is filed and the property must be the primary residence of the taxpayer. Income limits at $45,264 for individual owner and $56,580 two or more owners.

Address Protection Program (AAPP):  We are excited to share our success with our new AAPP program. This new program is designed to reduce the potential fraud associated with your mailing addresses. Our new program has not only been successful here in Mohave County but due to our success the Secretary of State’s office has implemented some of our ideas into bills that are focusing on signature integrity, deed fraud and Notary regulations.

Our new AAPP program began due to the many taxpayers that approached me asking for more security for their property ownership. We found that most fraud begins with a change of address and a Quit Claim Deed.  The AAPP program ensures that the property owner is the only person who may change their mailing address (necessary for a change of ownership).  

An easy to fill out notarized affidavit must be filed with our office (we have Notary’s available in our office for our program) and a nominal fee of $50 will be required.  The affidavit requests that you are the only authorized agent that can change the mailing address on a property.  The program is not a complete “lock” since certain statutory processes will override the lock such as   Deed transfers, Death certificates, Judgments and other processes of law would overrule the lock. 

The AAPP program will flag your parcel and force communication from our Assessor’s office with any future changes or incoming deeds.   The program is not designed to be a failsafe way to prevent fraud but should at the very least give our concerned taxpayers an additional level of security in the maintenance of their address and ownership record. 

Due to the goal of securing your property ownership through deed transfers and Notary requirements, I have been working diligently with Representative John Gillette on numerous bills this legislative session that are focused on signature integrity, deed integrity and Notary integrity.  It is looking very promising that all of these practices will be much more secure once these bills become law.  I will have more information about these bills in my next County Corner.

If you would like to apply for the AAPP program visit one of our office below:

Bullhead City Office1130 Hancock Road, Bullhead City, AZ 86442 • (928)758-0701 

Kingman Office- 700 W. Beale Street, Kingman AZ • (928)753-0703 

Lake Havasu Office- 2001 College Drive, Ste 93, Lake Havasu City AZ • (928)453-0702

Thank you for all your support and Happy New Year!

Jeanne Kentch, Mohave County Assessor