Southwest Behavioral & Health Services has been recognized by the Peer and Family Career Academy with the Hope to Outcomes Organization Award. The award was presented at the 2023 Embracing Hope: Rising Together Conference on Oct. 18.

The Peer and Family Career Academy recognizes the outstanding work of lived-experience professionals, leadership and organizations. Their awards honor those making a difference in the integrated health field, with a particular focus on Peer and Family Supports. The awards celebrate achievements in workforce development, personal growth, professional development and recovery.

The Hope to Outcomes Award recognizes a provider who employs lived experience professionals as Peer Support Specialists and Family/Parent Support Specialists. Southwest Behavioral & Health Services received this award in recognition for its innovative approach to lived experience training and the organization’s commitment to professional development.

According to SB&H Chief Quality Officer Erica Missicano, “Many of our team members have participated in our peer support programs and recognize the importance of being an integral part of program development. By sharing their incredible stories of growth and how our programs personally impacted their life, they’ve been able to grow the program and help others. Their creative approach in establishing new ways to provide services, as well as a deep understanding of the importance of bringing those with personal lived experiences into the discussion is the primary reason we have received this award.”