KINGMAN – A newly-constructed 273,000 sq. ft. frozen food storage center prepares for initial operation in Golden Valley. Interstate Warehousing is situated on a 92-acre campus in the Griffith Energy Industrial Corridor off of Interstate 40 about 15 miles south of Kingman.

“Our corporate office is based out of Ft. Wayne, Indiana. We have 9 facilities all over the country and this will be our tenth one,” said John Tippmann III, Vice President for Sales. “The date that we’re planning on opening is Dec. 4th. The ribbon cutting ceremony I think we’ll probably do in the spring.”

The company hired 18 workers during a recent job fair and hopes to secure 30 more before opening. Most of them will operate high-reach forklifts moving pallets of frozen goods in a zero-degree environment.

“Most of the cabs are heated so the employees don’t have to do it like we did in the old days when we had to put a big, huge freezer suit on,” Tippmann said. He said the 50-year family operation is committed to quality of workplace culture and anyone interested can scout employment opportunity online (

Tippmann said a grocery outlet is its primary customer.

“When we open the doors we will be serving Kroger to distribute frozen food pallets across the country,’’ Tipmann said. “The product would go as far north as up into Seattle and it could go as far east as Denver and even Texas.”

Taylor Glaze will serve as plant manager.