The area where a proposed 20,000 sq. ft. worship center will be built for Journey Church on Bank St.

KINGMAN – Interim City Manager Grady Miller has “called dibs” on the Kingman City Council chambers each Tuesday, prompting a change of day for monthly meetings of the Planning and Zoning Commission.

The P&Z commission has met on the second Tuesday of each month for more than a decade. Community Development Manager Sean Osterman told members during their Nov. 14 meeting that it has been decided that the Commission should instead meet on Wednesdays, beginning in Jan.

Osterman explained that Miller wants Tuesday availability so the busy City Council has more windows for conducting workshops, sometimes before regular council meetings typically held the first and third Tuesday of the month.

Member Mike Blair suggested the second Wednesday of each month makes sense, since it’s just one day after the Commission normally meets. A unanimous vote will see the Commission move to Wednesday for its Jan. 9 meeting next year.

The Commission is also recommending Council approval for a Conditional Use permit requested for an expansion project for the 7.4-acre parcel where the Journey Church is located at 3782 N Bank St.

“We are trying very much to be good neighbors. We understand that we are in a residential area,” said Church Elder Rex Ruge. “We have done quite a few things to try to mitigate our impact on that community.”

Ruge explained that the selected color scheme and a design decision for a lesser profile aim to help the 20,000 sq. ft. building better blend with the area.

“I am a property owner across the street from Journey Church and I attend Journey Church. I completely support the construction of this new worship center on this property as they are a valued member of the community,” said Andra Goldberg. “The new center is necessary for them to help the disadvantaged in our community. I think you can see from the plans that they have been were well thought out and are very well-vetted.”