KINGMAN – An application to rezone a 10.5-acre parcel at the Kingman Airport and Industrial Park was recently received by Mohave County Development Services. County Planner Matthew Gunderson indicated the request was submitted by a Chaz Berman.

A web search indicated that Berman is the Chief Executive Officer of Grower’s Secret which operates in California, Florida, Washington State and Hawaii. The phone number on Berman’s application matches a phone number on the Grower’s Secret website that includes his picture and identification.

A staffer answering a Friday morning call to that phone number said Berman was at work Friday and that any response would come from him. A message and inquiry left on his voicemail was not returned.

The City of Kingman, thus far, has used a code name to reference the industrial park prospect and project.

“The City of Kingman Economic Development Team is working with ‘Project Organic’ which specializes in manufacturing organic fertilizer, utilizing exclusively organic and non-toxic chemicals in their production,” according to an agenda item for the Jan. 16 Kingman Council meeting.

The agenda item noted that the county’s specific categorization for fertilizer manufacturers requires a zoning overlay that would allow the manufacturer to locate within the park. Council approved staff recommendation allowing Economic Development Director Bennett Bratley to sign the county rezone application.

The council agenda indicated the project has a capital investment estimated at $25 million with employment estimated at 40 to 50 employees. That would represent personnel expansion as its website says Grower’s Secret currently notes 17 employees, contractors and advisors.

“Grower’s Secret is a small but mighty business that has been operating since 1998. Our team is made up of professionals in the agriculture industry, including PhDs, PCAs, CCAs and plant pathologists,” the website said. “Today, we offer 17 products, all designed to do good for farmers and the earth.”