MOHAVE COUNTY – A makeover could be in the mix for Mohave Community College (MCC). Its Branding Refresh Committee is collecting input that could see MCC employ various changes to better reflect what it does, and how it is perceived.

James Jarman, Director of the Office of College Communications, explained it could be that it’s time to rebrand a college that is evolving with the additions of athletics and bachelor degree programs, as well as an advanced manufacturing training center that will soon be under construction at the Kingman Airport Industrial Park.

“An in-depth review of all the branding elements and messaging is needed to ensure the college brand accurately reflects the services provided, engages the appropriate target audiences, as well as aligns with the development of new and expanded college programs and services,” Jarman said. “It’s more than what you think your product is.  It’s what the community sees your product as, and how they view your image.”

The Committee has already gathered feedback from MCC campus advisory councils, employees and students and is now asking the general public to weigh in.

And rebranding can involve anything from logos to letterhead.

“We look at the name. We look at the colors. We look at mascots. We look at messaging. Anything you can think of that we have to look at the college as far as image, is on the table,” Jarman said. “Where do we want to go? Is there an appetite for changing the brand? Is there a need to change the brand?”   

The answer is “Yes”, at least from the perspective of Jarman’s office and preliminary feedback overwhelmingly favoring change.

Jarman said many community colleges have removed “community” from the mix in name changes for various reasons. He said community colleges have long been stigmatized and that MCC might be renamed as it brings in the bachelor degree programs and other changes.

Jarman said options are limited only by imagination and creativity, but that “Colleges of Mohave”, “Mohave College” and “Colleges of Northwest Arizona” are the types of nominations that arise from the Committee work and community input process.

Anyone wanting to participate in a simple rebranding survey can do so on line (

Jarman said the ongoing process will include Governing Board involvement and decisions to either maintain the status quo, or approve various rebranding recommendations and options. He said the timeline could result in initial makeover activity late next year or in early 2025.

Dave Hawkins