MOHAVE COUNTY – Mohave Community College just released its Facilities Master Plan (FMP), which serves as roadmap for the future of campus buildings and infrastructure.   

The MCC board approved the Facilities Master Plan in October and appreciated that the FMP is focused on improving campus facilities for student learning, and that it is a long-range guiding document.  

“I like that this plan is flexible and allows the College to adapt projects to meet the needs of future students, and that board members will still have the opportunity to review and provide input prior to the approval of any individual building project,” said MCC Board Member Ashley Pascual.  

In June 2022, the College began working with DLR Group, a global leader in facilities planning consulting, and conducted an in-depth analysis of the public assets and needs on all the MCC campuses. Feedback and recommendations were also gathered from students, community members, board members and employees.   

“The College is required to maintain and manage all of the public assets on its campuses and the FMP is instrumental in that effort,” said Dr. Stacy Klippenstein, MCC President. “Overall, most of the College facilities are in good or fair condition. However, many are undersized, aged, and in need significant upgrades or replacement, which this plan will help guide the College in those efforts over the next decade and beyond.  Also, as we project enrollment growth and new academic programs, it is necessary to plan accordingly.”   

Based on research and feedback, the FMP identified six priorities to be used as planning goals. Listed in order those are:    

1. Modernize Teaching Facilities    

2. Provide Amenities & Services that Serve All Students   

3. Invest in Durable Facilities & Purpose-Built Structures   

4. Promote a Campus that is Welcoming to the Community and Our Partners   

5. Elevate Sustainability & Landscape Stewardship   

6. Meet Physical Needs for Existing & Future Needs through Flexible Spaces   

Research into current facilities on all the College campuses included a Facility Condition Assessment and ranked buildings on a suitability scale of Good, Fair, Poor and Critical.    

35% of the College facilities were ranked in Good condition, which means the building is suitable for its intended purpose and only requires ongoing maintenance.   

19% were ranked as Fair, which means the building is suitable for its intended purpose but with significant facility needs or requires only ongoing maintenance but is not suitable for its intended purpose.   

17% were ranked as Poor, which means the building is not suitable for its intended purpose and had significant facility issues needing investment.   

29% were rated as Critical, which means the building is not suitable for its intended purpose and does not warrant investment.    

“The College must ensure all the facilities and infrastructure are safe and functional,” said Dr. Klippenstein. “The FMP research found the College has many facilities that are in Good condition, thanks to the foresight of past administration and governing board decisions.  However, others are in Poor and Critical condition because of age, type of construction, inappropriate size and function for today’s learning, and various mechanical inefficiencies.  Because of this, it may make more sense to replace them with well-designed, efficient, and modern facilities that meet student, employee and community needs.”   

He also noted that many buildings identified in Critical condition are modular structures built in the 1970s and 1980s and have been maintained well past their life expectancy.  Other infrastructure is also 40-50 years old, including some waterlines on the Neal-Campus Kingman which was forced to close on November 6 for urgent repairs.  

The next step for the College is to use the FMP to guide and develop action plans to improve facilities on its campuses and make recommendations and seek approval of those action plans from its board members.    

The public can view the full FMP on the College website at Once there, click the About tab at top of the homepage and then click Facilities Master Plan.