MOHAVE COUNTY –  Mohave Community College’s Workforce Excellence Series is actively recruiting participants for the upcoming spring semester, with a dedicated goal to enhance and elevate the local workforce.  Courses are held on the College campuses and at several local Chambers of Commerce.

Workforce Excellence Series representatives recently held information sessions at the Bullhead City, Kingman and Lake Havasu City chambers. Series Facilitator Ruth Hellams, who helped the College develop a number of Workforce Excellence courses, opened the presentations by addressing the importance of attracting and retaining employees in Mohave County.

“In Mohave County, it is imperative that we collectively work to attract and retain high quality employees,” Hellams said. “I believe having a vibrant, talented workforce is paramount to the success of any community because we want our kids to grow up and stay in the communities we worked so hard to build for them.”

Classes include Managing and Supervising Others; Managing and Resolving Conflict; Successful Organizational Leadership; Customer Service Excellence; Communicating for Success at Work; and Team Performance for Success at Work. All courses are strategy-rich, and customizable to meet the specific needs of businesses and students.

Managing and Supervising Others places a focus on getting to know one’s employees, and their personal qualities and characteristics. Managing and Resolving Conflict addresses the different types of conflicts that may arise in the workplace along with resolution techniques. Successful Organizational Leadership highlights the importance of getting to know one’s staff through fostering a culture of relationships, as well as adapting to change and growth.

Vision, energy and a passion to serve come into play in the Customer Service Excellence course. Active listening, body language and reading the body language of others, as well as dealing with difficult people, are all part of the course that aims to refine customer service techniques. Communicating for Success at Work focuses on communicating with clarity, communication strategies and the characteristics that make a good communicator. Lastly, Team Performance for Success at Work addresses how one can manage a team to ensure the operational functionality.

“Business owners, if you want to invest in your workforce and wish to customize training, this is for you,” Hellams said. “If you’re an employer who wants to send employees for training, this is for you. If you’re an employee that wants to improve your skills, this is for you.”

“This presents an excellent chance for businesses and individuals to receive affordable training,” said Becky Fawson, Kingman Area Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive Officer. “Our team has collaborated to offer specialized classes catering to local business needs. Please reach out to find the right course for you and remember that customized courses are available as well.”

Representatives with ARIZONA@WORK were also on hand to discuss the funding that is available for initiatives including MCC’s Workforce Excellence Series. ARIZONA@WORK recently received an additional $325,000 that must be distributed by July 1, with the organization noting that it will cover 50% of the cost of MCC’s Workforce Excellence Series courses.

Additional training solutions include marketing, sales management, professional negotiation, workplace diversity and many more. For a full list of Workforce Excellence Series offerings, go to

The College is also still enrolling students in spring and summer semesters in its other divisions including Community Education, Career & Technical Education, Health & Public Services, and Arts & Sciences. These latter three divisions offer credits toward a college degree or certificate and people interested in signing up should create a student account at