KINGMAN – Lomanco plans to more than double its footprint at the Kingman Airport Industrial Park. The Jacksonville, Arkansas-based company has been operating at the park for four decades.

“We’re the oldest out of all the different manufacturing companies that are out here,” said plant manager Paul Belden. “We’ve been here the longest.”

Lomanco employs 19 people, mostly in production, at its 53,000 sq. ft. Kingman facility that manufactures residential ventilation units and whirlybirds. “All of the products that we make, except for a couple, are for the attics of homes to not only remove the heat in the summer, but quite frankly in my opinion, more importantly, the moisture in the winter,” Belden said.

Its sales peak during the warm weather months from May to October and Lomanco needs additional inventory storage capacity for the units produced between November and April. 

“The reason for expansion is warehousing capabilities,” Belden said. He said extra space will allow its labor force to work consistent hours and produce units throughout the year.

“Everything is geared to a better employee environment, everything from the newest equipment and tools to the way that standards are developed here,” Belden said.

Mohave County is currently reviewing Lomanco plans to add two buildings totaling 67,000 sq. ft. at its Kingman property. “We’re looking at breaking ground in May and then probably completing the project within hopefully a year, by the end of 2024,” Belden said.

The family-owned company operates a larger facility in Jacksonville, where 15 acres are under roof and a 115,000 sq. ft. expansion was completed last year. Belden said Lomanco takes pride in plant safety and care for its work force.

Belden credited some of Lomanco’s Kingman success to Kenneth Dean, who managed the facility from 1991 to retirement two years ago.

“He certainly left me with a great group and we call them the “Kingman Krew” and that’s K-R-E-W,” Belden said. “They work their tails off. They get paid very well. We have great benefits, health insurance, 401-K’s, dental insurance and eye insurance.”

Belden said he had the pleasure of handing out year-end Christmas bonuses last month.

“That’s all performance based,” Belden said. “We’re having a record year here and companywide. We call it feeding the beast.”

Dave Hawkins