SSC’s Grounds Manager for Kingman Unified School District, Galen Neiderhiser was unanimously selected to receive the annual ‘I Got It’ award in a ceremony held at Kingman High School.

As part of the ‘I Got It’ award, a tree was planted at Kingman High School. See attached for photos, and we appreciate any coverage you’re able to give Galen! 

In his role at SSC Services for Education, Galen manages the grounds, landscape and athletic fields for Kingman Schools to create impactful student experiences.

Galen is a large part of the Kingman school district and walking the grounds with him is a similar experience to walking the grounds with the town mayor, he speaks to everyone and is determined to leave behind a legacy for the community. 

When asked the reason why Galen was selected the answer was clear; Galen embodies everything this award stands for, and he is always looking for ways to improve himself, the job, the account, and the school community.

Out of 10,000+ associates across 26 states, each year SSC selects one for the ‘I Got It’ award, named in memory of the late Erik Proksch, a Senior Grounds Project Manager.