KINGMAN – The City of Kingman is working to update its general plan as Arizona law requires every 10 years. Kingman’s last general plan was approved by voters in 2014 and the city preparing for a new general plan to be approved at the ballot box next fall.

The City council on Oct. 17 authorized award of a $99,000 contract to Upfront Planning & Entitlement, a Mesa-based consulting firm that will guide the city through the process of updating the general plan.

“It’s really the hallmark of all municipalities for land use,” Interim City Manager Grady Miller said. “It’s basically the vision of the community and is used generally by planning and zoning when they’re planning the future of our community.”

The process will involve community engagement and citizen input through informal meetings and public hearings conducted by the Council.

“That’s going to be going on for four to five months because we are going to be having multiple open houses and sending out multiple surveys,” Community Development Manager Sean Osterman told council members.

“The plan will be based upon the community’s needs, what our existing development patterns are, also what our future development’s going to be,” Osterman said. “It basically ensures that we have an orderly balance and mix of employment, residential areas, commercial as well as industrial areas.”

Osterman noted that information from the last general plan will be updated in a number of areas and categories, but that a new plan can also add newly relevant issues and pursuits.

“Economic development in our area as you said is going to become a huge player in our community,” said Vice Mayor Cherish Sammeli. “So, adding that it and recognizing how that’s going to affect our general plan is going to be very helpful.”

City Clerk Annie Meredith said the council next May will formally call for placement of the general plan question on the Nov, 2024 general election ballot.