KINGMAN – In a significant announcement from the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT), the City of Kingman, AZ has assumed a pivotal role as the driving force behind the formation of a groundbreaking Private/Public coalition to advance the development of the I-40 TradePort Corridor. This innovative integrated supply chain system encompasses clean energy, logistics, and industrial hubs and is a collaborative effort with the lead agency, Bernalillo County, NM at its helm.

The City of Kingman, in collaboration with Winslow, and a partnership of regional stakeholders, including the Port of Los Angeles, CA, Bernalillo County, NM, Sandoval County, NM, and the Village of Los Lunas, NM, has been designated as a Regional Infrastructure Accelerator (RIA) by the USDOT.

Over the coming year, the USDOT RIA will play a pivotal role in expediting project delivery through comprehensive initiatives such as project planning, in-depth studies, meticulous analysis, and preliminary engineering and design work. To kickstart the planning phase, the I-40 TradePort Corridor has received an initial seed funding of $974,000.

“I am immensely proud to see the City of Kingman partner with other private and public entities to play a pivotal role in the I-40 TradePort Corridor.  This project reflects our commitment to innovation, economic growth, and sustainability. It’s not just about receiving a grant; it’s about becoming a cornerstone of a transformative network that will create jobs, enhance trade, and champion clean energy in our region. The City of Kingman is honored to be part of this significant endeavor, and we look forward to contributing to its success,” says City of Kingman’s Mayor Ken Watkins.

“Our state trade ports and interstates serve as major trade hubs in New Mexico – delivering goods, supporting jobs, and driving economic growth across the southwest,” said U.S. Senator Ben Ray Luján. “I’m proud to have supported the RIA designation for I-40. This designation and partnership with USDOT will help fuel economic opportunities and expand clean energy infrastructure in New Mexico.”

Working closely with the USDOT Build America Bureau, the I-40 TradePort will explore various agency financing programs to bolster infrastructure investments within the corridor’s vital hubs.

The initial focus of this dynamic partnership is to realize the project along the 805-mile stretch from Los Angeles to Albuquerque. Future plans include expanding the corridor’s reach into the lucrative Texas and Midwest markets, emphasizing the magnitude of this infrastructure development.

“I am honored to a part of Central New Mexico’s collaboration and leadership on this project which I believe will be a catalyst that proactively prepares for future of transportation needs throughout the I-40 system,” says Bernalillo County Commission Chair, Barbara Baca.

Notably, the City of Kingman, Arizona, will play a pivotal role by hosting a Truck Mobility Complex designed to cater to Class 8 electric and hydrogen trucks. This complex will also function as a logistical hub attracting private investment. These manufacturing and distribution projects are expected to streamline trade flow from the Port of Los Angeles throughout Arizona and New Mexico, paving the way for a value-added, cost-saving system.

Additionally, strategic TradePort hubs are poised to spring up in prominent locations, including Los Angeles, Winslow, Arizona, and the Albuquerque, New Mexico area, making the I-40 TradePort Corridor a transformative force for regional economic development.

This announcement marks a significant milestone in the journey toward creating a cutting-edge, sustainable supply chain system in the heart of Northwest Arizona. The coalition formed by Bernalillo County, New Mexico, the City of Kingman, AZ, and its partners showcases a powerful commitment to innovation and regional growth. As the I-40 TradePort Corridor takes shape, it promises to be a beacon of progress and economic vitality for the region.

“Sandoval County is proud to partner with Bernalillo County and the Village of Los Lunas along with others on this project as it will bring jobs to the Central Rio Grande Valley, Albuquerque, and Rio Rancho. Also, this TradePort Corridor will encourage private investment and increase economic development as opportunities for business relocation and expansion to this metro area will result,” says Wayne Johnson, county manager for Sandoval County.

“The I-40 TradePort Corridor is poised to facilitate trade opportunities benefiting the Village of Los Lunas via the Central New Mexico Rail Park. It will create additional integration into the greater Albuquerque metropolitan area, and beyond. This corridor fuels opportunities for accelerated expansion and enhancement of infrastructure for the region,” says Village of Los Lunas senior economic developer, Victoria Archuleta.

The other RIA grant recipients for 2023 include California DOT, Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, Pacific Northwest Economic Region*, State of Louisiana Executive Office, Montgomery County Department of Transportation, Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada, Centralina Council of Governments, the City of Tampa, San Diego Association of Governments*, Central Puget Sound Regional Transit Authority, TradePort California*, Bay Area Rapid Transit District, and the City of Fort Lauderdale.  *Prior awardees who received additional funding

“We are pleased to expand the Regional Infrastructure Accelerator program to 24 regions, helping communities build capacity and get much-needed transportation projects underway,” says U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. “DOT partners with these regions to help them secure financing and develop in-house expertise for innovative delivery of regionally significant projects.”

“Building capacity at the regional level to use innovative delivery and financing options is critical to addressing America’s infrastructure challenges,” says Build America Bureau Executive Director Morteza Farajian, Ph.D. “The RIA program is a novel approach that enables the Bureau to help our partners deliver more good projects faster.”

Each of the RIA recipients will sign cooperative agreements with the Build America Bureau and establish work plans to bring their proposals to fruition.