KINGMAN – Interstate Warehousing opens its brand-new frozen food storage and shipping center Monday in the Griffith Energy Industrial park, about 15 miles south of Kingman. A 30-member workforce is ready for initial operation of the 273,000 sq. ft. facility, the 10th cold storage warehouse for the Fort Wayne, Indiana-based corporation.

“This is neat getting outside of the mid-west. We’re excited,” said John Tippmann III, Vice President for Sales. He said the plant will open with 200 contract customers and hope of securing at least 50 more.

“I think they’re expecting 35 trucks in on the first day and on a typical day they should be able to do 110,” noting that customers dictate pace of growth. “On a typical day at some of our facilities we’re doing 200 trucks a day and that’s in and out.”

The new facility will operate 24-7, staffed by three 8-hour shifts during the week and two 12-hour shifts on Saturday and Sunday. There are 43 dock doors to move goods in and out of the center and 30,000 positions inside for stacking and storing frozen food product pallets.

“If you can picture 100 different customers bringing truckloads of product to us. We pool that stuff together and we do a pallet from this customer and a pallet from this customer. We consolidate the load, build it and ship it to a DC (distribution center),” Tippmann said. “We’ll probably send trucks all the way up to Seattle and we’ll probably send trucks all the way over to Dallas.”

The warehouse is situated on a 92-acre campus and is master planned for expansion of up to 1.2-million sq. ft.

History would say that within two years we’ll be expanding that building,” Tippmann said. He noted that the facility the company opened in Anderson, Indiana has expanded twice since open its doors in 2018.