MOHAVE COUNTY – Mohave Community College’s Workforce Excellence Series is helping businesses and individuals polish skills that promote success in their dealings with customers and community members. The growing popularity of the program now yields another opportunity for involvement, as course facilitators are currently being sought to help propel Mohave County’s workforce to the next level of service and success. 

Instructors are needed for courses including Manager and Supervisor, Leadership, Communication, Conflict Management and Resolution, Team Performance and Customer Service. Many of these classes focus on workforce fundamentals, such as setting direction for employees, understanding customers and how to manage arising or ongoing conflicts at work. 

As the MCC series is partnering with ARIZONA@WORK to offer tuition coverage for unemployed and underemployed residents of the region, spots are filling up fast. Instructors, working a paid, part-time position at 19.5 hours a week, are now needed for day, evening and weekend classes. 

While many institutions require employees to fit into a rigid schedule, MCC takes a more realistic approach. Lori Gunnette, Associate Dean, Career Training, Professional Development and Community Education, knows that most people have full schedules throughout the day. 

That’s why the College makes it a point to work with prospective facilitators and their schedules. Vacations, seasonal preferences and more are all taken into consideration during the planning process. 

“If you have a high school diploma or GED, and professional business and industry experience or training in the Workforce Excellence topic areas, we want you to teach for us,” said Gunnette. “We are looking for individuals who are passionate about elevating Mohave County’s workforce by sharing their professional expertise and industry knowledge.” 

The courses themselves and the instruction they provide have already been created. That means instructors can focus on sharing their experiences as they apply to the course and highlighting those course topics or activities relevant to the community. 

“Being an instructor is a great opportunity to share your professional knowledge and experience with others in the community,” said Gunnette. “Our instructors constantly share that they are proud to be part of MCC.” 

MCC’s full list of Workforce Excellence Series courses, some of which start in October 2023, can be accessed at For more information on the Workforce Excellence Series or how to get involved as a facilitator, reach out to one of the MCC contacts listed below.  

Dr. Wendy Reisinger, Associate Dean, Corporate Education, Business Development & Workforce Training Program: or (717) 304-2544. 

Lori Gunnette, Associate Dean, Career Training, Professional Development & Community Education Programs: or (928) 757-0844. 

Gina Kremper, Corporate Education Program Manager: or (928) 757-0868. 

Sandy Desmarteau, CPP, Corporate and Community Education Program Manager: or (928) 505-3319. 

MCC is looking for qualified facilitators for its Workforce Excellence Series.