KINGMAN – The head of the firm working to bring sales tax generating business to Kingman speaks with great optimism. President Aaron Farmer led the City Council through a slick presentation Dec. 5, 7 months after Retail Coach was selected to attract what local residents covet.

“We help recruit retailers and restaurants to communities,” Farmer said. “We’re talking about restaurants, we’re talking about entertainment and we’re talking about hospitality opportunity.”

The company has the capability to capture and examine cell phone data to learn more about consumers visiting a grocery store, restaurant or retail outlet. The data reveal where those customers traveled from and interesting shopping pattern information.

“In the last year the Walmart in Kingman here on Stockton Hill Road has had 2.4-million visits…We can look and see that your Walmart, the busiest hour of the day we looked at here is 4:00 and 5:00 p.m.,” Farmer said. “This is good data for prospects, if they’re looking to locate a store in your community or a restaurant, this is the type of data they want to see.”

Vice Mayor Cherish Sammeli said she appreciated that Retail Coach has defined Kingman’s retail trade area population well beyond the city limits (3,400 residents), which demonstrates greater buying power within the market. Farmer said population is estimated at 78,000 in the local trade area population stretching north to Peach Springs and East to Seligman, while including other communities such as Golden Valley and Cedar Hills.

Farmer said Retail Coach has identified suitable locations for business opportunity within Kingman, which helps speed the site selection process for prospects. Farmer displayed a list of 32 retail and restaurant prospects that includes properties long desired by locals such as Costco, Hobby Lobby, Kohls, Sam’s Club, Applebee’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, El Pollo Loco and many smaller chains (that might be more viable targets) as well.

“I can tell you that we’re talking to many of them already, at least five or seven that we’re dealing with right now,” Farmer said. “We’ve gotten to the phase that we’ve identified sites and there’s even some negotiations starting to take place on sites.”

Farmer said Retail coach uses all forms of communication for recruiting and visits trade shows as well. He noted Mesa is the firm’s only other Arizona client and that there’s no competitive market conflict as Retail Coach represents Kingman as well.

Farmer said he looks forward to landing a prospect or two in coming months.

“I know Council and citizens of Kingman will be excited that we’ve got a couple of smaller, more specialized grocery outlets that we’re working with, Farmer said.

Bring it on Sammeli said.

I’m very excited about this partnership that we have with you and moving forward,” the Vice Mayor said. “And to see the results.”