KINGMAN – Movie fans will soon be able to enjoy a cold beer along with their popcorn at Kingman’s only commercial movie house. Brenden Theatres plans to introduce beer and wine at its Kingman 4 outlet on Stockton Hill Road by late March, if not sooner.

“We appreciate the community. It’s been really good to us over the years, so we’re happy to bring in a new experience,” said Robert Lytle, Vice President for the company that operates six other theaters in nearby Nevada, California and Colorado. 

Lytle said alcohol may draw some adults who’ve not stepped in Kingman 4 before, and that many regulars may also enjoy the option in the service mix. He said other outlets in the chain have done well after introducing alcohol.

“It has increased our sales per person at pretty much all of our locations by a margin somewhere between five and ten percent, which is a great number for us,” Lytle said. “In the theater industry we talk about sales per person, specifically sales per head or spending per head. That’s a really important number for us because we make all of our money off of the concessions. We actually don’t make any money off ticket sales.”

Lytle said alcohol generates the third most revenue at their theaters as soda and popcorn remain concession kings. Employees are being instructed for proper serving and management skills in the alcohol arena so that Kingman 4 can remain a wholesome environment for children and families.

Lytle said Brenden Theatres welcomes community feedback once alcohol service begins so it is aware of any issues or concerns it should address. He said the plan is to have several beer and wine choices for customers, with some seasonal variation with the wine selections.

Kingman 4 has two theaters that seat roughly 120 customers and two more that seat 160 and 200 people. The business is shuttered Tuesday through Thursday and open Friday through Monday.