KINGMAN – The City of Kingman would like to notify the community, that Bird Rides, Inc. electric scooters will no longer be available in Kingman as of February 3. The agreement that began in February 2022 will officially end on January 31. All of the scooters are expected to be picked up by February 3.

The City of Kingman Economic Development team has worked closely with representatives from Bird Rides, Inc. over the last two years to make this endeavor a success for Kingman tourists and residents. However, due to Bird Rides, Inc.’s financial restructuring and community concerns about the scooters, the best decision is to discontinue service in Kingman at this time. 

Bennett Bratley, Economic Development Director, said, “The goal for the scooters was to promote another mode of transportation in the community. Whether people were going to and from stores and restaurants downtown or riding to work, we wanted to provide a cost-efficient option for everyone. Although there were many positives about this program, there were concerns from citizens that had to be considered.”