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Robinson sentenced for second degree murder

Brian Robinson

LAKE HAVASU CITY – A local judge has imposed a 25-year prison term for the third defendant sentenced for an Easter, 2021 homicide in Lake Havasu City. The punishment that Mohave County Court Commissioner Doug Camacho ordered Friday, July 8 was the most possible under terms of a plea agreement convicting Brian Robinson, 38, of second-degree murder.

Robinson’s troubled youth and drug history was detailed during a near two-hour long sentencing hearing with family members, friends and defense attorney Dan Kaiser urging leniency. On the other end of the spectrum, one man who called Robinson a “rabid dog” who will kill again if ever free from prison.

Various law enforcement reports and previous legal proceedings have consistently portrayed an evening of drinking that led to an altercation at a local night spot. There was also no dispute that Robinson and his friend Stacy Hakes, 37, fought each other in a vehicle after they left the business.

Hakes was subsequently fatally wounded when shot in the face by Robinson as the victim occupied the driver’s seat of a parked vehicle. Two co-defendants also drew prison terms after entering plea agreements for lesser involvement in the sequence of events that led to Hakes’ death.

Adeline Rea, 32, is serving an 11-year sentence while Ramon Canas, 46, was given an 8.75-year prison term.

Dave Hawkins