We need greater water security for the future

Dear Editor, The Kingman and Mohave County areas have been the poster child for the rural groundwater fight, given the excessive use of our groundwater by foreign companies resulting in devastation to our local residents, businesses and generational farmers. For years, our residents have been sounding the alarm about the unsustainable overuse of our groundwater […]

Chillin’ sponsors, supporters thanked

Dear Editor, We had a fantastic close out of the 2023 Chillin On Beale season! Amazing generosity from our community with all the toys and food and clothing donated, and we had a blast with the ladies of American Made Pageants! Thanks for helping make this a fun wrap up to the 2023 season everyone. […]

Dealing with the challenges of Christmas.  

Dear Editor, Christmas is a joyful season but always has some challenges. The place of Christmas is often a question. Mary and Joseph ended up in Bethlehem when Jesus was born. They had gone there to pay taxes. Paying taxes is never fun but something we have to do. The place they ended up when […]

Advantages of Active Early Voting List (AEVL)

Being on the Active Early Voting List allows a qualified registered voter to receive their ballot in the mail approximately 26 days before any election that the voter is qualified to vote in.  No more missed elections!!  Getting your ballot early allows you the time to fill out your ballots correctly and completely.  Many votes […]

Unexpected joy

Dear Editor, In this age of sadness and horror, I recently found an oasis of tranquility and peace To top it off, I found just a whole lot of fun! That is right, fun with a capital letter F. At age 84, I am very actively retired and trying to stay active and loose so […]

Trump’s mishaps just the tip of the iceberg

Dear Editor, First and foremost, I do not need Ms. Ingalsbee feeling sad for me, and let me be clear I do no hate anyone. I learned a long time ago hate is a worthless waste of emotion and my time. To keep my response to her recent letter asking why I don’t write about […]

Jake opines about group homes

Dear Editor, My name is Jake and you’ve probably never met me or even heard of my plight. I am also willing to bet my next meal that many of you have never been to where my friends and I live. The place I’m currently staying at with Barney, Gertrude, Shorty and about 180 others […]

Be a winner and give thanks

Dear Editor, Here are some tips for Thanksgiving. Be Thankful. Thanksgiving season is a good time to say thanks but we need to make it a lifestyle.  An attitude of thanksgiving is a good way to live. When you are daily thankful for your food, shelter, and the simplest things it elevates your sense of […]

Food Bank seeks feedback

Dear Editor, Veterans in Mohave County need our support. Many of our clients are military veterans. Our Wednesday Distribution is for Veterans Only. We want to do more to help those who served. Between 2015 and 2019, 11.1 percent of working-age veterans lived in food-insecure households, and 5.3 percent lived in households with very low food […]

Your loan is between you and your bank

Dear Editor, Many years ago I took out a second mortgage on my home. The house had grown in value and had at least $30,000 of equity. At that time, I had multiple reasons.   The second mortgage added a second monthly payment to my already very tight budget. I made both the original payment and the […]

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