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  1. Vicki Williams
    December 21, 2022 @ 8:57 am

    Maricopa deserves every bit of criticism from the other Supervisors, EVERY BIT. Maricopa County has 62% of the voting population in this state. When they run SHODDY elections like they have in the last 4 election cycles they disenfranchise the rest of the states voters. The shenanigan’s that went on with broken machines, uncertified machines, broken chain of custody, extremely shoddy signature verification not to mention that crooked HOBBS was in charge of her OWN election resulted in a CLOWN SHOW of an election. Nobody believes Hobbs is legit. NOBODY, and the Maricopa County Board deserves ALL the BLAME for this. No matter what happens, she will go down as the most hated Arizona Governor ever and as illegitimate and the Biden Regime.


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