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  1. John Banks
    November 25, 2022 @ 2:31 am

    This hits home all to well.
    Back in July my wife and I went to check on our home and property in Golden Valley. Upon arriving we found our gate lock cut and strange tire tracks going into the property. After inspecting the property we found a lot of property missing. The biggest item was a $10,000 dump trailer. Called the sheriff’s department and a deputy came and took a report. 2 days later we went to the property again and found it broken into again. Total loss value is approximately $35,000.00
    We put flyers out and got so info. We followed up on the leads by going to the persons house, that person is a man named Paul Funderburg. When we arrived at Paul’s house we seen some of our stuff that was stolen. We again call the sheriff’s department and a deputy came out. He verified the property with the info on the theft report and yes it was our stuff. Then Paul came home. The deputy allowed us to recover the items that were found. That was only about $1,500 worth though. Now this is the screwy part, the deputy would not arrest him. He said it would be up to the county attorney. 2 months later and after a dozen or more phone calls to Rod Albright, assistance deputy county attorney, told me he would not be pressing charges on Paul Funderburg. One reason was that the sheriff’s department screwed up the theft reports. Paul Funderburg was found with our stolen property on his property and we had other info that we gave to the sheriff’s department showing that Paul Funderburg was the person that stole our stuff. But they will not prosecute him. You see Paul Funderburg is a Confident Informant for the sheriff’s department and mohave county attorney’s office.


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